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Silmax offers an extremely wide and specific range of Carbide Tools (HM) . Our catalogue includes high-performance, solid carbide solutions for milling and drilling, suited to any type of machining, from roughing to finishing, and for applications of large or micro sizes in all industrial sectors.

Specific tool design features, ease of deep machining and high-quality finish of the cutting edge allow to improve productivity and have longer tool life.

The manufacturing process entirely carried out in the company’s plants in Lanzo Torinese, including the PVD coating process, enables Silmax to offer a product in compliance with high-quality standards.

Silmax’s portfolio of standard and special products allows it to meet the requirements of a wide pool of customers working different materials (light alloys, hardened steels, superalloys, composite materials, etc.) and using different production equipment and various machining strategies.

The Silmax Carbide end mills and drills represent the best choice due to their versatility and high productivity.

Top Ten Hard Metal

10 Molding tools at an amazing price. Always available in stock.

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Promotion valid up to 31/12/2024.
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