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Research and Development

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The Silmax brand is well-known all over the world for the high quality, technology and innovation of its products.

At Silmax, all design and production processes of tools are developed by using specific software and highly sophisticated CAD/CAM 3D graphic simulators. Every parameter in the process is specifically studied and tested to transform an idea into a product, in short time and with extreme precision.

The design of each product at Silmax principally aims at meeting the needs of customer users.


Consulting service

Silmax 360° represents a consulting service to help users choose the most appropriate machining strategies and the best-performing Silmax tools, with the new end-mill programme for machining “HRC” dies and moulds, in cooperation with TopSolid.

Silmax intends to be a partner of reference for enterprises that manufacture dies and moulds for all sectors. The technical experts of Silmax are able to assist customers in all machining stages from feasibility studies to CAD-CAM programming, to support them with innovative solutions, in reducing production costs and improving the quality standards of their finished products.


Specialist technical support in the selection of the appropriate strategy for the machining and manufacturing of dies and molds.

Technical proposal+

Study and optimisation of tool paths. Design of the best performing tool. Use of the most advanced CAD/CAM systems.


Creation of a database regarding direct experiences with end users, at the disposal of all customers for information on the various types of machining, with new strategies and optimizations.


Study and creation of ISO programmes for use on the main machine tools, for specific applications according to the required, different types of machining.


Analysis, testing and optimisation of current strategies and proposal of the best performing tool with the most adequate CAM path.

Research and Development Centre

The Silmax Research and Development Centre is equipped with the most advanced graphic simulators – developed for designing state-of-the art tools – and with a special architecture for the complete engineering of the production process.

The most innovative machinery, specific software and highly sophisticated CAD/CAM 3D graphic simulators are employed in the design of products, as well as in their manufacturing process. Qualified engineers and drafting technicians work on each single parameter, so that it can be specifically studied to manufacture a high-quality product in short time.

The technological heart of Silmax plays an essential role in the development of products and in the analysis of performances, which are aimed at:


Improving the customers’ production process by means of new products.


Increasing performances.


Reducing costs, improving quality products.

The activity of the Silmax Research and Development Centre is performed at different levels:

  • Basic Research: linked to experimental and theoretical works, mostly aimed at acquiring new knowledge on the phenomena related to material cutting.
  • Applied Research: regarding works that are aimed at acquiring new know-how on practical applications of tools, new geometries, new materials and new coatings.
  • Experimental Development: it is a systematic activity, based on existing know-how, available at Silmax, on knowledge acquired through research and practical experience, aimed at developing or improving our tools.

The most evident outcome of the Research & Development activity is represented by the high number of new high-quality products presented in the market by Silmax, which properly meet customers’ customisation requirements.


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