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The Silmax range of High Speed Steel Tools (HSS) is characterised by a wide and comprehensive product offering. Silmax has constantly upgraded its products and manufacturing equipment by adopting state-of-the art technological solutions.

The HSS Milling Family includes Powdered-Metal end mills (HSS PM), High-Speed Steel end mills with 8% Cobalt (HSS Co8), available both with roughing and finishing cutting edge, shell end mills, disc end mills, T-slot end mills, Woodruff end mills, convergence and divergence end mills, quarter-circle end mills.

The offer is completed by HSS drilling tools, including centre drills, independent helix drills used for pilot holes for tapping and threading, counterbores for screw pilot holes and countersink tools.

Top Ten Hard Metal

10 Molding tools at an amazing price. Always available in stock.

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Promotion valid up to 31/12/2024.
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