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Blog May 2022

New catalogue  for Titanium Super Alloys and Stainless Steel.

Silmax renews its new line for machining Titanium, Super alloys and Stainless Steel with a new catalogue.

It includes 3 new tools:
– 2 four flutes, 184EV with a new geometry;
284EV with internal coolant;
185 with five flutes in 3 versions with different lengths and with chip breakers (185R).

The new 184EV in particular, is a 4 flute end mill with a higher rigidity, with a geometry that allows an effective evacuation in the slot, and optimized for dynamic milling.

All tools are Tisaflex coated (TiSiN), high performance coating optimized to reduce adhesive wear to sustain high temperature at the cutting edge and thermal shocks.

Download the brochure.

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