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News Oct 2022

New brochure: Dies for aluminium extrusion

Silmax, thanks to its experience in the sector, offers a specific line for machining dies for aluminium extrusion.
With its high-tech and high-performance tools, the new line is specifically designed to increase productivity and process stability.
Facing the most common problems, the tools guarantee optimal results by reducing costs and production time.

Silmax tools for dies are:

Conical tools: Innovative tooling concept that guarantees high level performance by ensuring consistent process stability even under difficult machine conditions.

113EV: Cylindrical tool with 4 cutting edges suitable for machining the welding chambers and pre-bearings in both full-pass and step mode, a single tool for working both before and after the heat treatment.

For making spindles, the most suitable tools are:

144/144 L, 4-edge cylindrical tool with unloaded collar at various lengths suitable for machining feeding chambers and due to its special geometry also suitable for machining very deep central feeding, reducing vibrations due to tool radius.
141/142/155 tools suitable for finishing profiles after heat treatment guaranteeing perpendicularity and long tool life, also suitable for machining small details by reducing vibration.
149/159A/726, tools suitable for machining bridges and under-core channels in 5-axis copying in both continuous and indexed mode
with very tight manufacturing tolerances to ensure maximum tool efficiency and tool life as well as high levels of workpiece accuracy and repeatability and tool life.

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