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Neue Silmax-Bohren: Produktivität und Vielseitigkeit.

Silmax Bohrbroschüre 2023

New geometries, diameters and coatings for the new Silmax drilling proposal.

The existing line of carbide drills is expanded with products developed with the latest technology for the most critical and complex machining operations.

New lengths up to 12XD or, for those drill specifically for light alloys, up to 25XD allow sustained chip removal.

4-pads guide drills, extra-long drills, drill reamers, centesimal reamers and all those in the range are treated with selected coatings for each type of product:

HMX Balinit® X-Pro + 4s treatment, with AlCrN base coating has been applied to the drill bit series for drilling steels up to a depth of 12xD;

HMC Balinit® Latuma + 4S, with AlTiN base coating applied to the 4-skid series, deep drilling and stainless steel drilling.

All surface treatments, carried out in our Silmax factories, offer higher precision in the machining of multiple materials such as steels, cast irons, stainless steels, titanium alloys and super alloys and increase tool life.

Download the brochure here.

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