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The Rüggeberg family in Silmax!

On 5 July, we received a visit from the Rüggeberg family who, together with Jörn Bielenberg (Ceo August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG – PFERD-Werkzeuge), spent a whole day at Silmax, visiting each of our facilities with great interest. the Silmax factory in all its departments, Siltek and the coating process and the Tusa Precision Tools and Guidolin Srl factories, and last but not least our Cutting Tool Museum.

The day started early with a presentation of the group and then continued by visiting all the departments. Lots of questions, lots of interest from everyone who showed their attention to our reality.
We also visited Tusa Precision Tools and Guidolin Srl.

The visit ended with the Silmax Cutting Tool Museum, which aroused great interest and admiration for the work of collecting the machinery present, done at the time by Engineer Enrico Maria Fumagalli, past President of Silmax Spa.

We thank Tom, Jan and his son Johan P.F and Jörn for coming to meet our group. See you next time!

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