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Strategic alliance with the German group August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG – PFERD-Werkzeuge.

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The Silmax Group announces a new strategic alliance with one of Germany’s largest groups operating in the mechanical engineering sector.

“I am pleased to announce the strategic alliance with the German group August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG – PFERD-Werkzeuge. The operation involving the acquisition of a majority stake on the German side represents a great opportunity for Silmax to accelerate its ambitious planned development project,” explains Dr. Dario Fumagalli, President and CEO of Silmax Spa.

We have often wondered whether this project required a strategic partner; personally, I have always believed it was necessary, but it was essential to find a company with which we could share the same values and objectives.

There are many aspects that we have in common with the German group: a long entrepreneurial history of over 200 years; a profound attention to preserving the skills and professionalism of our people; and, above all, the same determination to continue on a path of growth to give life to an important industrial project.

The words of CEO Mr. Jörn Bielenberg are significant: “The DNA of Silmax will be preserved and Dr. Dario Fumagalli will remain an important shareholder and the CEO of Silmax. Our aim is to generate joint growth and exploit synergies. We count on the attachment of our employees who have been with us for many years. The similar structures of the customers complement each other and the companies’ respective focus on creating innovative, high-quality end-user solutions coincide. We are happy to have found a family business with very similar values.”

I would also add that Lanzo is and will be the centre where we will continue to produce our tools and where significant investments will be made in more advanced technologies and machinery, leveraging the professionalism and great expertise of all our employees. I can therefore say with certainty that the only thing that will change will be being part of a group that, with its strength and geographical diversification, will allow us to truly be a global player.

Good luck to all SILMAX SPA Group employees for this new adventure!

August Rüggeberg GmbH & Co. KG – PFERD-Werkzeuge is one of the leading manufacturers of tools for surface machining and metal cutting. With a tradition of over 220 years, the family-owned company based in Marienheide, Germany, manufactures its products in seven plants. With its 1,950 employees in 22 branches worldwide, the company is able to guarantee proximity to its global customer base, ideal for providing advice and quick delivery.

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