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Новости Июл 2022

New Drilling catalogue

Silmax presents the new Drilling programme designed to ensure maximum productivity and reliability in the most critical and unattended operations.

• Specific stainless steel drill with lubrication holes available in lengths 3xD, 5xD and 8xD from diameter 1mm up to 20mm.
• Bore-hole drills with lubrication holes in lengths 3xD and 5xD with diameters from 6mm up to 12mm with centesimal progression in the range -0.03/+0.02mm of the entire diameter.
• Extra-long drill with lubrication holes in lengths 15xD, 20xD and 30xD.
• Metric tap series in both sintered steel (PmCo) and carbide (HM)

Download the brochure.

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